What makes us unique?

What makes us unique?
Did you know that Heaven Bakery is vegan friendly and cruelty free?
Our mission is to provide all our customers with high quality baked treats; whether they are vegan, gluten free or dairy free.
We ensure that all our bakes are made using the finest ingredients and most importantly FREE RANGE EGGS. We do this to ensure the cruelty free of our products and the ethical reasoning behind all our purchases. No animal should be harmed to make anything and we hope to ensure that trust to our customers.
We also strive for inclusivity and attempt with all our efforts to include our allergen sensitive customers who struggle greatly to buy things that should be otherwise common to buy, making it very hard for them to enjoy simple things. For this reason we allow all our customers the option for allergen free products to ensure inclusivity, therefore, allowing everyone the common satisfaction of a delicious baked treat!
Additionally, providing a vegan option was a no brainer for our company. This is due to the ever growing vegan population and the ethical reasoning behind their lifestyle and eating choices. It was very important to us that they felt recognised and represented in our baking. All our bakes can be made vegan by request, but we also have specific vegan boxes that we've created with our vegan population in mind.
Questions such as: How do we make it taste just like a normal brownie or even better? Were in our minds throughout the recipe creation process. After we collected reviews from family, friends and customers confirming the quality and taste of our vegan options were not only amazing also "the best vegan brownie they have ever tasted" according to our customer review.

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We Are With YOU

We Are With YOU


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