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About Us


The journey of a young black baker

Heaven bakery is a business that was created in 2018 by Helena who was a student nurse at the time. She developed a passion for baking at a very young age, and the skills she came to learn were passed on from generation to generation in her family.

 After baking for one of her friends birthday she was encouraged to pursue this career path seriously due to her undeniable talent and the quality of work. 

Therefore, she took this advice and started baking for small celebration whilst building her customer base. 


Fast forward two years later, she has now established a home bakery business and currently sells at her local markets in Greater Manchester.

She is still working towards her vision to own a shop where she can provide all her customers with great quality, delicious cakes and treats that will make them literally taste HEAVEN! 





What matters to our brand:

Here at Heaven Bakery we are 100% focused on delivering a delightful experience to our customers. Every day is a new opportunity for greatness & happiness, and if we can bring joy to our customers even for a brief moment we would class it as a big WIN, especially during these hard times. Always remember:

Sometimes happiness is found in the little moments & little things, so lets be kind to one another and make our planet a better place.

We believe in happiness and mental health, and we strive to deliver a delightful experience to all our customers in the hopes that our treat can bring a moment of happiness and joy to your lives.

Let us be kind to others and make our world a tolerable and happy place for all. 



How we create our Handcrafted Goods

We work with trusted suppliers to source the freshest and most authentic ingredients, and use old-fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality. Our goal is to make your tastebuds taste HEAVEN!


Everything is handmade fresh to order and with fresh ingredients.

Our chocolate is high quality Belgian chocolate, our cacao is premium quality, our eggs are free range so no harm made to animals in the making of our bakes.

Our buttercream of choice is the Swiss buttercream which is our clients favourite for its low sugar contents and smooth finish. 


We recently started creating a vegan/dairy free /gluten free options for a selection of our product. We crosscheck all our ingredients used to make our allergen free alternative options to make sure they are suitable for vegans, customers allergic to gluten and dairy. This way no one feels left out and anyone can enjoy a treat and feel included.

Conforms to all relevant statutory requirements (UK & EU Regulations)

Thanks from Heaven Bakery Team.



Our Mission

Heaven Bakery is a brand created to be completely centred around our customers. We aim for all our customers to experience a 5 star service when shopping with us.
For this reason, we have optimized our website and shop to simplify their shopping experience. Additionally, with our next day delivery service we strive for all shoppers to receive their orders as soon as possible.
So please do not hesitate to contact us with any query or issue, we are here to help!

Your feedback is very important to us!