Baking the best smiles in Manchester

At Heaven bakery we emphasise the importance of positive impact. We understand that any little thing can impact someone’s mental health, so it is very important for us to ensure that anytime any customer walks into our doors that not only are they picking up their favorite meal or drink but also receiving a little deposit of happiness into their lives. Hence, “Baking the best smiles in Manchester”.

We encourage ourselves and others to engage in positivity to create a community of safety and joy where anyone can join for a break. We are currently situated close to Salford university and encourage students to use our facilities to work give give themselves a break from their usual environment. 

Here at Heaven Bakery cafe, you can expect freshly baked French pastries, artisan bread, high quality barista coffee and BRUNCH! All of this served in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment.

We pride ourselves in the quality and taste of all our food and are 100% sure that whatever you choose to try with us will leave you with a happy smile on your face!